Magnetostatic (2D/3D)

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  1. The Influence of Material Hysteresis in Electromagnetic Pump Operation Analysis

    Kiyoto Matsumoto, IWAKI CO., LTD.

  2. [JFT099] Mixing Manual Mesh and Auto Mesh

    In this document, how to import a mesh model in which quadrilateral elements have been set for some parts in Geometry Editor into JMAG-Designer and generate mesh for other parts w…

    • [JFT093] Shape Modification Using the Morphing Function (Moving Only Nodes on a Specified Edge)

      In this document, the procedure for moving only nodes in a mesh model on specified edges using the morphing function is presented.

      • [JFT100] Material Allotment per Element

        In this document, how to set a different material for each element of a part and how to create multiple cases with different material specifications for the elements is presented.

      • [JAC236] Magnetic Circuit Optimization for Plastic Magnets in an Axial Magnetic Field

        In this example, a use case is presented in which a magnetic circuit of a product-forming mold, in a magnetic field aligned with the mold’s main axis, is optimized, with the mold’…

      • [JFT092] Mesh Model Skew Deformation

        In this document, how to apply skew to a mesh model is presented.

        • [JAC030] Magnetization Field Evaluation of an SPM motor

          In this example, carry out SPM motor's magnetization to obtain the magnetization field and magnet's surface magnetic flux density.

        • [JAC246] Analysis of Electromagnetic Force Acting Between a Coil and a Magnet

          This case study obtains electromagnetic force acting between a coil and magnet using the electromagnetic force calculation correction method and the adaptive mesh function.

        • [JFT074] High Accuracy Electromagnetic Force Calculation with the Correction Method and Adaptive Mesh

          This document describes methods for calculating electromagnetic force working a coil and magnet at a high accuracy.

        • [JFT057] How to Run Topology Optimization

          This document describes how to run topology optimization using JMAG.

        • [JFT075] Procedure for Dimensional Multi-Objective Optimization Calculations

          This document describes the procedure for running multi-objective optimization calculations with dimensions as design variables and correlative evaluation items.

        • Optimization of Solenoid Attraction using JMAG Optimization Function

          Shotaro Hatanaka, CKD Corporation

        • Higher Radial Suspension Force of Magnetic Bearing on Centrifugal Compressor for HVAC

          Yusuke Irino, DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD.

        • [JFT038] Automation of JMAG using MATLAB

          In this document, a script is introduced that automatically executes a MATLAB code file from MATLAB, displays the results in MATLAB after launching JMAG-Designer, and then closes …

          • [JAC247] Magnetic Circuit Optimization for Plastic Magnets in a Radial Magnetic Field

            In this example, a use case of magnetic circuit optimization in a metal mold with radial magnetic field orientation used for ring-shaped magnet production is presented.

          • [JAC242] Solenoid Valve Attractive Force Analysis Taking into Account Movable Part Motion

            In this example, an example is presented where the influence on the electromagnetic force by the presence or absence of inclination is confirmed at each position of the movable pa…

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