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  1. The Newest Developments of Rare-earth Magnets

    Dai Higuchi, ShinEtsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

  2. Examination of an induction heating simulation using the B-H curve

    Takashi Horino,NETUREN CO.,LTD.

  3. 129 – Analysis of a PM Stepper Motor Accounting for Magnetization

    In this analysis, a magnetization device model is created and a magnet is magnetized. The magnetization distribution and surface magnetic flux density of the magnetized magnet, an…

  4. 126 – Magnetization Analysis Accounting for Eddy Currents

    This Application Note presents how to obtain the magnetization field distribution accounting for eddy currents in the magnetic material to be magnetized, the eddy current density …

  5. 120 – Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor

    This Application Note presents how to change the temperature of permanent magnets in an analysis, and then evaluate the effects on the torque waveform, magnetic flux density distr…

  6. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator Using JMAG

    Hisashi Yajima,Nobuhiro Fujiwara,Yoshikazu Tatsumi,Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, SMC Corporation/Shinshu University

  7. 55 – Integrated Magnetization Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note explains how to determine the changes that occur in a magnetizing field if the making current is changed during magnetization, as well as how to obtain the i…

  8. 79 – Analysis of an Effect of Magnetic Field Orientation on Magnetization

    This Application Note explains how to obtain a magnet’s surface magnetic flux density distribution while accounting for the orientation and magnetization processes.

  9. Resent trend of the permanent magnet and the magnetic field analysis technology

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  10. Application and possibilities of High Silicon Steels-JFE Super Core

    Hironori Ninomiya, JFE Steel Corporation

  11. 34 – Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor

    This note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to evaluate the demagnetizing ratio distribution of an of an SPM motor by changing the current flow.

  12. Current Status of NdFeB Magnet and Analysis method

    Yasuhiro Marukawa, NEOMAX CO.,LTD.

  13. Resent Progress of Non-oriented Electrical Steel and Measurement Techniques

    H.Mogi, Nippon Steel Corporation

  14. Motor Design Technologies Considering Detailed Magnetic Properties in Magnetic Core

    Akihiro Daikoku, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  15. Large Stroke Linear Oscillators based on Giant Magnetostrictive Material

    Yoshio Mitsutake, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.

  16. Evaluation of Motors Using Powder Magnetic Cores by JMAG-Studio


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