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  1. 192 – Response Characteristics Analysis of Solenoid Valves Accounting for Residual Magnetization

    Here, we will discuss the steps to investigate the effect on responsiveness caused by residual magnetization generated in the magnetic materials, and look at case examples.

  2. 222 – Irreversible Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Incompletely Magnetized Magnets

    In this example, analysis is performed while varying the temperature of magnetized magnets, and then the influence on the torque waveform and magnetic flux density distribution is…

  3. [W-MA-87] Verification of the Accuracy of Minor Loop Loss Using a Play Model

    In this paper, from the minor loop loss with DC superposition being measured and compared with results using the play model, it was verified that the play model can reproduce the …

  4. 238 – Hysteresis Loss Analysis in a Reactor with DC Bias

    In this example, we will observe the difference between the hysteresis losses calculation method loop count and the play model for the model that is subjected to a DC bias filed o…

  5. 194 – Analysis of High-Speed Rotation Motors Accounting for Eddy Current

    Here we discuss the steps for accounting for eddy current loss occurring in the magnetic steel sheets during a magnetic field analysis, and then analyze the effects on torque.

  6. 188 – Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of IPM Motors Accounting for Coercive Force Distribution of Magnets

    This example presents whether or not the demagnetization region can be smaller by assigning distribution to the coercive force of permanent magnets.

  7. 184 – Reactor Sound Pressure Analysis taking Magnetostriction into Account

    These notes will conduct an analysis of changed vibratory force and show a case study of confirming the impact magnetostriction has on vibration noise.

  8. [W-MA-21] Iron Loss Analysis of an SR Motor Accounting for Hysteresis and Eddy Current Distribution

    Contents1. Introduction 2. Conventional Issues and Proposed Methods 2.1 Issues Regarding SR motor Iron Loss Evaluation 2.2 Proposed Eddy Current Loss Analysis Methods 2.3 Propo…

  9. [W-MA-46] Calculation Method of Eddy Current Loss of Electromagnetic Steel Sheet Using a 1D Finite Element Method

    Contents1. Background and subject2. Approaching these challenges3. Comparison of losses due to different calculation methods4. Remaining challenges5. Summary6. References1. Backgr…

  10. [W-MA-51] Understanding Electromagnetic Phenomena in Steel Sheets Through Simulation

    Contents1. Introduction2. Physical Phenomena in the Steel Sheet and Reproduction by Simulation3. Understanding Physical Phenomena in the Motor Steel Sheet Using Play Model + 1D Me…

  11. Study on Iron-Loss Analysis Method under Distorted Sinusoidal Waveform Excitation

    Ryosuke Akaki,SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION / Katsuyuki Narita, JSOL Corp.

  12. Loss Analysis for a Reactor Using a Hysteresis Model

    Kouhei Ueda, Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.

  13. Simulation of Magnetization for Anisotropic Rare-Earth Bonded Magnets


  14. Loss Analysis of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines Considering In-Plane Eddy Current in Electrical Steel Sheets Using 3D Finite Element Method

    Hideki Ohguchi, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  15. Development of Thin and High Torque Axial Gap Motor Using Soft Magnetic Powder Cores

    Asako Watanabe, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.,

  16. Evaluation of performances of a PMSM taking into account the impact of the lamination cutting

    Xavier Jannot, Jacques Saint-Michel, Leroy-Somer, Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corporation

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