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  1. Measurement and evaluation for the iron loss of electrical steel sheets considering the compressive stress.

    Shinya Urata, Electric Machine Lab., Toyota Central R&D Labs., INC

  2. The application for JMAG in magnetizing yoke-aided design (Chinese-only)

    Chien Ming-Hung, Metal Industries Research & Development Center

  3. Properties variations and influence evaluations of the electrical steel after motor manufacturing processes using JMAG (Chinese-only)

    Sheng-Yang Lin, China Steel Corporation


    JMAG's Role in Supporting the Electrification of Compact VehiclesSuzuki's newest Solio model is equipped with a mild hybrid system. For compact vehicle electrification, simply add…

  5. Handling Cores and Core Materials in Numerical Analyses for Motor Design and Analysis

    Chikara Kaido, Kitakyushu National College of Technology

  6. Numerical Validation of Magnetic Measurement method of Motor Core using JMAG Designer.

    Takao Imagawa, Hitachi,Ltd.

  7. Newly introduced non-oriented electrical steel sheets to JMAG material database and the influence of magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical st…

    Hiroaki Toda, JFE Steel Corporation

  8. Enhancing Precision in Superimposed Direct Current Characteristics Computations using a Powder Soft Magnetic Core


  9. Finite Elements performance evaluation of a Transverse Flux Machine using Somaloy 500 1P, 700 3P and 5P

    Cristofaro Pompermaier, HÖganÄs AB

  10. Evaluation of Different Electrical Steels in IPM Hybrid Rotating Machines

    C.R. Frontczak,Tempel

  11. Magnetization Analysis for Magnets in Small Motors

    Michitaka Hori, NIHON DENJI SOKKI CO., LTD

  12. Evaluation of Different Electrical Steels and Iron Loss evaluation of inter-locks vs welds vs bonded lamination cores in IPM Hybrid Motor using JMAG.…

    Charles R. Frontczak, Tempel Steel Company

  13. Development of Reduced Rare Earth Magnets by Partial Diffusion Method

    Masashi Inoue, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

  14. Demagnetization Analysis Method using Dy Diffused Magnets and the Most Suitable Dy Diffusion Methods and their Effects for Motor Applications

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  15. Thermal-demagnetization Analysis and Research on Physical Properties of Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

    Dai Higuchi, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

  16. 158 – Superimposed Direct Current Characteristic Analysis of a Reactor That Accounts for Minor Hysteresis Loops

    This Application Note presents the use of the frozen permeability condition to obtain the superimposed direct current characteristic that includes minor hysteresis loops of a high…

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