JMAG leads the field in material modeling technology.
Fast, detailed modeling methods are developed based on our understanding of characteristics for magnetic steel sheets, magnets, and powdered metals. Many companies use JMAG to help develop new materials, which ensures JMAG is always capable of capturing precise material responses.

2D/3D modeler that easily creates geometry

There is a dedicated shape modeler made for JMAG analysis model creation. 2D and 3D shape modeling can easily be performed with a CAD-like feeling.

Templates for various applications

There are plenty of templates for motors, transformers, and coil ends. With only parameters, geometries can be created that closely model real machines, allowing phenomena to be captured more accurately.

Flexible CAD interface

As well as importing CAD models, geometries can be altered in CAD systems while condition settings in JMAG are preserved. After altering a geometry, analysis can be executed immediately after skipping condition resetting. The efficiency in performing analysis using CAD is rapidly improved.