JMAG offers a number of functions to provide strong support for design optimization. JMAG optimization calculation functions are characterized by the integration of both analysis and optimization. This means that factor analysis and optimization can be carried out with ease, allowing for the effective evaluation of a large number of design proposals. Result analysis and sensitivity analysis functions suggest points of improvement for designs. Embedded third-party optimization engines such as HEEDS, Optimas, modeFRONTIER and optiSLang, as well as user-defined optimization engines, are additionally available.

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Parameter Optimization

  • Realize optimization calculations with JMAG-Designer without any reductions in usability
    • Optimization calculations can be performed simply by broadening settings in parametric analyses
    • Configuring settings is made easy by selecting just design variables and objective functions, constraint conditions, and the optimization engine
    • Setup to results verification in just three simple steps
    • The cases and values of optimum solutions can be confirmed immediately from solution distribution
    • Users can then move straight onto analysis cases with ease
    • It is also possible to directly confirm response surfaces, Pareto curves, and the correlation graphs of objective functions for design variables

Displaying results with response surfaces

  • Optimization algorithms can be selected to match the features and environment of the design optimization
    • The quadratic response surface method, genetic algorithms, multi-objective genetic algorithms, and MATLAB global optimization can be selected
    • Users can choose algorithms appropriate to optimizations that match the single-objective or multi-objective characteristics of the design space
    • The MATLAB Global Optimization Toolbox can be used as an optimization engine

Motor torque optimization with genetic algorithms

Multi-objective optimization
Performs searches for design proposals that minimize torque ripple and maximize average torque

Correlation graphs
Confirm the correlation between design variables and objective functions

JMAG Function Videos

Topology Optimization

  • Design optimum magnetic circuits with unrestricted ideas free from existing designs
    • Support for magnetic field analysis and structural analysis
    • Analysis methods include the evolutionary on / off method using NGnet, and the density method

Example 1: The optimization of an IPM motor with the evolutionary on / off method

IPM motor optimization

Example 2: The optimization of a magnetic shield with the density method

Magnetic shield optimization