Model Based Development

JMAG-RT enables model based development with high concurrency, allowing plant design and control design to be performed concurrently. JMAG-RT is a system which generates high-fidelity plant models (JMAG-RT models) in a system level simulation from FEA models. From system design, to ECU verification using HILS, JMAG-RT has a wide range of uses.

  • Using a virtual device model in HILS means that it is possible to test the ECU while the device is still
    under construction. This can reduce the amount of test time necessary on the actual test bench.
  • Conceal information about geometries or materials so it can be shared between business companies.
  • The JMAG-RT model captures device performance that includes non-linear effects, saturation, and space
    harmonics. This high fidelity model’s response is nearly identical to the actual device’s response.

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