As computational power has increased, companies have started incorporating multiphysics models into their analyses. JMAG began offering this functionality to its users in 1994, when magnetic field/thermal coupled analysis functionality was implemented for induction heating device design. Since then, a considerable amount of development has taken place in the area of multiphysics.
With such a large variety of analysis domains and the complexity of modeling within each domain, JSOL has formed partnerships with CAE vendors in each analysis field with the goal of providing an easy to use platform from which to embark on multiphysics modeling.

Structural Analysis

Not only problems due to electromagnetic force but also vibrational phenomena due to magnetostriction can be confirmed and stress evaluation from centrifugal force can be performed.
Multiple disciplines are closely integrated in JMAG and can easily incorporate multiphysics analysis in your daily analysis work.

Thermal Analysis

JMAG’s thermal analysis capability allows the coupling of the magnetic field analysis with a thermal analysis with eddy currents, iron loss and joule losses of coil as heat sources. The magnetic field analysis can also include the temperature-varying properties of magnetic materials and conductors for a strong coupling.