Solver speed is directly related to model accuracy and reliability. Finite element analysis comes down to solving very large matrices. JSOL has developed advanced techniques to solve these matrices faster and produce more consistent results.
JMAG users have some of the most advanced solver algorithms at their fingertips, and can be certain that JSOL will continue to adopt the latest calculation architecture within JMAG.

Parallel Computing

High speed processing and scalability are the two main goals of parallel processing.
JMAG supports both shared and distributed memory processing and can incorporate the graphics processing unit (GPU) into calculations.
From the desktop to clusters and cloud computing, JMAG’s parallelization technologies can be used in a wide range of environments. Utilizing these architectures means that analyses with over 10 million elements as well as models with hundreds of thousands of elements can be incorporated into a design cycle.

Convergence Acceleration

JMAG uses highly-effective iterative calculation methods for the linear and non-linear solver.
Cutting-edge acceleration technologies are continuously incorporated to obtain excellent convergence in all applications.