Providing highly a reliable analysis requires faithfully implementing realistic physical mechanisms into simulation models as best as possible. We continue to develop modeling technology for JMAG to provide the best models at each stage, from micro behavior inside materials, to multi-physics phenomenon and control systems.

Material Database

JSOL has developed par tnerships with material manufacturers to obtain the best possible data for JMAG’ s material database. Along with including stress dep e ndent magne tic prop er ties and iron l oss properties of electromagnetic steel sheets, we also continue work with our partners to provide data needed in advanced analyses.

Material Modeling

JMAG leads the field in material modeling technology.
Fast, detailed modeling methods are developed based on our understanding of characteristics for magnetic steel sheets, magnets, and powdered metals. Many companies use JMAG to help develop new materials, which ensures JMAG is always capable of capturing precise material responses.