[W-MB-65] The Necessity of JMAG-RT 3D Models

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1. Background

A highly accurate plant model is indispensable for model-based design motor drive simulation. By using JMAG-RT or other such software, it is possible to generate a highly accurate plant model from an electromagnetic field FEA model. However, the plant model used in model-based design requires accuracy comparable to an actual machine. This is a level different from the accuracy required for FEA in motor design.
Meanwhile, in automobile drive motors and other such motors, rotating machines are becoming thinner because of high power density and miniaturization. As a result, the approximations from 2D models which have been conventionally used in electromagnetic field analysis of rotating machines are not sufficiently accurate. This also affects the accuracy of plant models.
In this paper, the necessity of 3D FEA models in plant model generation will be discussed.

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