[W-SE-113] Reduction of Calculation Time Using Equivalent Circuit Model

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In electrical machine design, the use of coupled analysis between the electromagnetic FEA and the motor drive control circuit is necessary in order to have an understanding of the harmonic iron loss, hysteresis loss, etc. due to the PWM switching [1]. However, the coupling of a transient FEA study with a control circuit can be time consuming.
In this paper, we will propose a method to increase the speed of such studies. The method consist of using a high precision equivalent circuit model of our motor during the early transient state of the control to accelerate the calculation time. Then only once the steady state is reached, the rest of the calculation is done using FEA. When tested we found that using that method you could reduce your calculation time by about ½, assuming that equivalent circuit model’s accuracy is similar enough to the FEA.

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