JMAG-Designer: Simulation Software for Electromechanical Design

This is the high-speed, high-precision FEA software tool at the core of JMAG.
An intuitive interface and precise modeling technology with a wide variety of results displays are built in.
Multifaceted evaluation of various design ideas is made possible by freely manipulating geometry, material properties, and drive conditions.

December 17, 2013
JMAG-Designer Ver.13.0 has been released
  - Introduction to JMAG-Designer Ver.13
  - Introduction to JMAG-Designer Ver.13 (SWF, 3,899KB)
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First look at JMAG-Designer

Functions List

JMAG Function Videos

Geometry Modeling

Create a 2D geometry

Model Extension from 2D to 3D

Create a transformer geometry

Create a Moter geometry

Making a Coil End Geometry

2D Analysis Allowing for Motor Skew

Rotor Eccentricity Analysis
Material Database / Material Modeling HOT!

Electromagnetic Steel Sheet Material

Permanent Magnet Material

Magnet Settings using the Magnetization Analysis New

Temperature Dependent B-H Characteristics New

Accounting for Production Degradation New

Extrapolation of B-H Characteristics New

Reusing Demagnetized Magnets New

Temperature Dependent Heat / Mechanical Properties New
Mesh Modeling

Generate an optimal mesh (Adaptive mesh)

Generate a mesh with periodicity and symmetry (Rotation Period mesh)

Generate a rough mesh in the axial direction and detailed mesh in the circumferential direction (Extruded mesh)

Generate a sliding mesh in the gap area (Expanded Slide Mesh)

Generate a layered mesh including an insulator (Layered mesh)

Generate a mesh giving a shell thickness (Thin Shell mesh)

Generate a mesh considering skin effect (Skin Depth)

Generate a mesh considering motion (Mesh generated for each analysis step)

Generate an air region mesh while maintaining an existing mesh

Generating a Mesh Manually

Changing mesh model dimensions (Morphing mesh)
Outcome evaluation

Element Magnetic Flux Density Values Table

Show the Model Cross-Section

Displaying Results Graph of Specified Regions (Sections)

Displaying Results Graph of Specified Regions (Sections of Air Regions)

Displaying Results using Definitional Identity

Calculation of Integral Average of Results

Displaying Difference Calculation between
Two Results

Displaying a Frequency Components Graph

Displaying a Point of Intersection between
Specified Line and Graph

Create a Current Phase vs Torque Graph

Create a Rotation Speed vs Torque Graph

Displaying a Results Graph of a Specified Coordinate (Probe)

Displaying a Distribution Quantity of Frequency Components

Rendering 3D Magnetic Flux Lines

Show Results Distribution for Each Part

Vector Fineness Control
Magnetic field analysis

Magnet eddy current analysis

Torque Segregation Analysis of a Motor

Demagnetization Analysis of a Motor Magnet

Steady state properties analysis by time periodic explicit error correction

Analysis of applied harmonic current

No-load analysis for a motor

Load analysis for a motor

Solenoid valve thrust force analysis

Transformer inductance analysis

Current hysteresis band control analysis
Structure Analysis

Eigenmode Analysis

Calculation of Sound
Pressure with
Electromagnetic Force
as the Excitation Force

Calculation of Stress
and Displacement
by Centrifugal Force
Small Multiphysics

Motor Centrifugal Force Analysis in a Magnetic Field Analysis

Heat Equivalent Circuit Calculation in a Magnetic Field Analysis

Magnetrostriction Analysis of a Reactor

Busbar Thermal Stress Analysis

Run Parametric Analysis

Run Optimization Calculation

Record and
Run Operation Script

Create a Template for Setting Materials, Conditions and Results Evaluation

Multi-Purpose File Export
(Transferring JMAG Results to Other Software)

Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.10 - Ver.12.1

Articles about JMAG-Designer that have been released previously are available.

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