[RTML-042] SynRM_01 3-phase

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Available in MATLAB version R2019a and later.

Features and principal use

Geometry display on JMAG-Designer

Geometry display on JMAG-Designer

Circuit Diagram (Left: Whole Circuit, Right: Star Connection)

Geometry display on JMAG-Designer


Model SynRM_01
Model name SynRM
Max. Power 0.01(kW)
Voltage/Current DC288(V)/5(A)
Number of Poles 4
Number of Slots 24
Number of Phases 3
Rotor RM
Stator (Outside Diameter) 150(mm)
Stator (Inside Diameter) 80(mm)
Stator Distributed winding
Number of Turns 100
Height 37.5(mm)
Inertia Moment 6.6e-4(kg・m^2)
Average torque 0.8(N・m)
Ld 116(mH)
Lq 127(mH)

ID List

Motion Condition 1 Rotor
FEM Coil Condition 1 U Phase
2 V Phase
3 W Phase

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