Vector Control Analysis

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  1. 214 – Monitoring the Radial Force Acting on the Teeth of IPM Motors Using Circuit Control Simulation

    In this example, an IPM motor as a JMAG-RT model is captured in a control/circuit simulator, and radial forces acting on the teeth during motor driving is monitored while changing…

  2. 239 – Fault Analysis in an IPM Motor

    In this example, we introduce the case study that simulate the fault of an IPM motor using JMAG-RT. The fault simulated in this case study is an open circuit fault which is caused…

  3. 231 – Vector Control Simulation of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    In this example, circuit simulation is carried out simulating the control of current and speed by loading a JMAG-RT model for a SynRM into a control/circuit simulator. In addition…

  4. 230 – 6-Phase SPM Motor Inverter Fault Simulation

    In this example, a JMAG-RT model of a 6-phase SPM is loaded into a control/circuit simulator, and circuit simulation for an inverter failure is carried out.

  5. 227 – Circuit Control Simulation for Three-Phase Induction Motor

    In this example, we conduct a circuit simulation to control current and speed by incorporating the JMAG-RT model of an induction motor into the control/circuit simulator.

  6. 215 – Simulation of IPM Motor with Delta Connection Using Control Simulator and JMAG-RT

    In this example, the control and circuit simulator have been incorporated as a JMAG-RT model, and the cyclic current the IPM monitored.

  7. 37 – Vector Control Analysis of an IPM Motor Using Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    OverviewTraditionally, the design of a motor's controls and the design of the motor itself were often performed independently because coordinated designs were difficult to carry o…

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