JMAG-RT apply to the design quality verification of motor control ECU

Yoshinori Takeuchi
DENSO CORPORATION, Corporate ePF Division


DENSO is an automotive ECU supplier that has been developing ECUs for controlling traction motors for diversifying H/EVs. The algorithms of ECU must be validated from various aspects whether it fulfills customer’s specifications. However, there are many conditions that cannot be tested using a real vehicle. In such cases we use HILS (Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation). Conventional HILS was not suitable for the validation of algorithms since it lacked motor models that can simulate all of the necessary characteristics in real time. We found JMAG-RT as a possible candidate of model generator, but we had to have motor parameters with sufficient precision. As an ECU supplier, we cannot acquire those data. Instead, we found a method to generate motor models from control parameter maps in the specification of the customer. This idea was implemented by JSOL corporation. Some case studies using JMAG-RT are introduced here applied for the improvement of design quality.

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