Case Study of Developing an IPM Motor Drive System with Model-Based Development (MDB) – Using JMAG-RT and HILS –

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Daisuke Mitsuoka, Corporate Design Center, Technology Design Unit, Shimadzu Corporation


In the complex and large-scale systems which consist of many subsystems, such as aircraft, the specifications of such structural components as electric motors and gears are determined based on system requirements (basic functions, mass, envelop, reliability, redundancy, maintainability, total cost, etc.).
The design phase of an electric motor is not limited to designing of individual parts, but also can provide the upper system with the impact of its behavior on the whole system performance if necessary for improvements of the system design.
Model-based development (MBD) that has gained attention in recent years is particularly effective in various system developments.
In this report we introduce a case study of MBD in developing an IPM motor drive system using JMAG-RT and HILS (Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation).

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