Initiatives in Toyota Vehicle Electrification and Developing Electrified Vehicles: Anticipating JMAG’s Support in the Development of Electrified Vehicles

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Hideto Hanada, Electric Powertrain System Development Div., No.3, Powertrain Company, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION


In response to appeals to adapt to environmental issues such as reducing CO2 emissions and less air pollution, the automobile industry is in the midst of the most drastic change to have occurred within the industry in the past 100 years. The industry is also required to respond to new technologies called “CASE”, which is an acronym for Connect, Autonomous, Share, and Electric.
We will introduce TOYOTA’s approach to electrification that requires immediate action and the history of electrified vehicle development so far. Both JMAG applied case studies within development and future expectations for JMAG are indicated also.

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