Performance Analysis Method of IPM Motor for EV Using Electromagnetic Simulation(JMAG)

Yoshihisa Kubota
Innovative Research Excellence, Power Unit & Energy,
Honda R&D Co.,Ltd


In recent years, attempts to meet C02 emission standards has accelerated the development of next generation clean cars such as hybrids and electric vehicles. In response to demand for high efficiency and high output power of the motor as the drive source, the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) has been widely adopted.
The authors of this paper are engaged in the research and development of enhancing performance of the IPMSM to contribute to the further advancement of magnetic circuits in electric drive motors.
This paper explains the methods for calculating motor characteristics and analysis methods required for IPMSM design and reports the methods taken into account for calculating iron loss in order to accurately estimate the output characteristics of the actual machine.

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