Efforts for Thermal Analysis of a Motor at JFE Techno-Research Corporation

Shin-ya Tanaka
CAE Center, Sensing & Process Solution Division,
JFE Techno-Research Corporation


Controlling heat generation and cooling in motors is becoming more and more important as the power density of motors increases, especially for EV drives. However, it is difficult to model the heat transfer characteristics and cooling process of each part in a way that matches the actual situation even if an attempt is made to evaluate motor heat transfer by simulation. In order to run simulations according to actual conditions, it is important to create an analysis model that can account for the main heat transfer processes and apply well-founded empirical and literature values as heat transfer characteristics to the model in addition to measuring and applying the contact heat transfer characteristics of the actual equipment.
Therefore, we created a motor analysis model that resembles the actual situation using methods such as simplified thermo-fluid analysis (CFD) to devise an analysis model by applying our measurement technology to measure contact thermal resistance and temperature measurement between parts. By comparing the results of temperature measurement for the actual motor and the analysis using JMAG, we confirmed that the two results matched at a sufficiently expected level.
In this way, in addition to magnetic measurement of magnetic materials, we excel in approaches based on both “measurement technology,” in which the temperature and contact heat transfer characteristics of the actual motor are measured, and “analysis technology” in which simulation is run for motors. Applying these technologies to the motor design and development processes was not only effective in selecting materials and developing effective heat removal and cooling mechanisms but was also useful in the development of the actual motor, the subject of this study.

Efforts for Thermal Analysis of a Motor at JFE Techno-Research Corporation

Efforts for Thermal Analysis of a Motor at JFE Techno-Research Corporation

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