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  1. [JAC162] Drive Simulation of an SR Motor using a Control Simulator and JMAG-RT

    In this Application Note, after using JMAG-RT to obtain an SR motor’s torque and inductance characteristics, the JMAG-RT model is imported into a circuit/control simulator, voltag…

  2. [JAC038] Starting Performance Analysis of a Single Phase Induction Motor

    The purpose of this Application Note is to introduce an example of a single phase induction motor that uses a capacitor to set up an auxiliary winding and show its rotation speed …

  3. [JAC112] Starting Thrust Force Analysis of a Linear Induction Motor

    This Application Note presents how to obtain the starting thrust force for a linear inductance motor.

  4. [JAC166] Line Start Simulation of an Induction Machine Using a Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    This Application Note explains how to use the JMAG-RT to create a JMAG-RT model of an induction motor, import it to a circuit/control simulator, and run an induction motor line st…

  5. [JAC161] Line Start Analysis of a Three-phase Induction Machine

    This Application Note presents an analysis that simulates the line start of an induction motor and obtains the starting performance of its rotation speed variations.

  6. [JAC111] Starting Performance Analysis of a Universal Motor

    This document introduces the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the speed versus time graph, the current waveform, and the torque versus time graph for a universal motor.

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