Utilizing JMAG in Cloud Services

Now that the cloud environment has become familiar, the provision of cloud services for CAE is progressing.
The scale of analysis becomes larger year by year, and more and more companies have vast computational resources such as HPC resources on site. On the other hand, CAE occupies only one part of development and design process area, and analysis work is sometimes concentrated in the busy season. As a result, problems such as temporary shortage of computing resources or difficulty in keeping large computing resources over time are recurrent.
Cloud services are attracting attention as a solution to these problems.

Cloud services are also effective for using MPP solvers for large scale model computations. In addition, in the case of multi-case processing, it is possible to simultaneously achieve reductions in license costs and secure computation resources by combining “power simulation licenses (PSL)” and the cloud environment.
Cloud services enable analysis work using sufficient computation resources anytime, anywhere. By all means, check it out.

PM motor
parallel calculations

An embedded type PM motor with 2.75 million elements and 1.35 million nodes is calculated with a massively parallel processing solver (MPP). Using Rescale’s platform to perform parallel calculations, calculation speeds were improved using up to 256 parallel processes. (Operation environment: Microsoft Azure)

Cloud services supported by JMAG

Vendor Cloud
Rescale Inc.  Rescale Platform
Amazon Web Services, Inc.  AWS
Microsoft Corporation  Azure

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