Support for HPC

Fast processing and an appropriate environment are indispensable for modeling phenomena in machines in detail, and for mass processing to investigate a design space.
This page introduces the world created by JMAG HPC and the construction of this environment.

Where HPC Is Used

Rectangular Wire Coil Permanent Magnet Synchronous Rotating Machine AC Loss Analysis

Use cases are presented using HPC to perform analysis on large scale analysis models including models with detailed geometries.

Overview of Using HPC

JMAG supports analysis using HPC via an SSH connection.
By using an SSH connection directly from JMAG-Designer on the client machine, an analysis job is input to the HPC system, the progress of the analysis is confirmed, and the results are collected and read directly from the HPC system after completion of the analysis.
For an analysis job, the effectiveness from the introduction of HPC can be maximized since all analysis processes from geometry modification to mesh generation, analysis execution, and output of results can be combined.
The flow of execution in JMAG can be checked from here as well.

Using HPC in JMAG

System configuration example

An example of a system configuration of the above figure is given.
Details of each supported OS can be checked from here.

  • Client machine environment
    OS: Windows
    Software: JMAG-Designer
  • HPC environment
    OS: Linux
    Software: JMAG-Designer, a typical job scheduler (PBS, LSF, Torque, etc.)
    * When using massively parallel processing (MPP), use the following
    network among processing nodes: Infiniband
    MPI:Intel MPI
  • Communication between client machine and HPC
    Communication method: SSH
    File transmitting and receiving: SFTP


JMAG contains functions for HPC use.

  • Job submission/canceling via SSH
    • Server information (IP, login information) required for connecting can be stored in JMAG-Designer.
    • In order to execute and cancel jobs from JMAG-Designer, it is necessary to provide separately an execution command compatible with the management server job scheduler and store this command in JMAG-Designer.
  • Managing job progress
    • The progress of jobs being executed in HPC directly from JMAG’s job scheduler (JMAG-Scheduler) can be checked.
  • License system

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