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  1. [JFT066] Coil Settings Using Winding Editor

    This document explains methods for setting coils using the winding editor.

    • [JFT063] A Method for Performing Parametric Analysis on a Motor Using the Number of Poles and Number of Slots as Design Variables

      In this document, how to perform parametric analysis on a motor with the number of poles and the number of slots as design variables is presented.

    • [JFT064] Methods for Motor Vibration Analysis Accounting for Skew Effect with 2D Model

      This document explains methodology for motor vibration analysis accounting for 2D step skew.

    • [JFT049] Grouping FEM Coil Conditions

      In this document, how to group FEM coil conditions and associate them with macro component wave windings is explained.

      • [JFT042] A Method for Obtaining a Steady-State Solution at an Early Stage (Time Periodic Explicit Error Correction)

        In this document, obtaining steady-state in less time steps using TP-EEC function will be presented.

        • [JFT015] Procedure for Two Way Coupled Analysis with JMAG and STAR-CCM+ Taking Thermal Fluid into Account (Ver17.0 and After)

          This document presents the procedure for two way coupled analysis considering thermal fluid by using JMAG and STAR-CCM+.

        • [JFT004] Two-way coupled analysis function with JMAG and STAR-CCM+

          This document contains sample data and operation procedures for learning about external solver coupling conditions and procedures for two-way coupled analysis with STAR-CCM+.

        • [JFT033] Eccentricity Setting for Parallelly Moving the Motion Region Initial Location

          This document shows how to set the eccentricity to account for the moving part’s axis remaining parallel to the central axis while moving from the initial position and afterwards.

          • [JFT034] Eccentricity Setting for Parallelly Offsetting the Rotation Axis

            This document shows setting to move the rotation axis in parallel.

            • [JFT035] Eccentricity Setting for Inclining the Motion Region Axis

              This document shows setting to tilt the motion region axis.

              • [JFT036] Eccentricity Setting for Inclining the Rotation Axis

                This document shows setting to tilt the rotation axis.

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