Deep Motor Development Based on JMAG-Designer

Lin Zhanxi
New Energy Vehicle Development Dept., CHINA FAW Co.,Ltd.


At present, most of the finite element software in the market can only output basic electromagnetic parameters. These electromagnetic parameters cannot fully characterize the electromagnetic performance of the motor. A post-processing software based on JMAG-Designer named FAW-AutoPost_Motor is developed by FAW and IDAJ-China. The software mainly has following functions. Firstly, the JMAG computing jobs can be started in batch through the pre-processing interface. Secondly, using the algorithm embedded in the software, the basic electromagnetic parameters calculated by JMAG-Designer software can be converted into advanced electromagnetic parameters such as D/Q-axis inductance, phase voltage, power, loss and efficiency of the motor. Finally, post-processing data filters can be customized. According to the motor speed, phase voltage and other indicators, the motor performance parameters under the actual working conditions of the vehicle are screened out, such as motor n-T curve, efficiency map, etc. The application of the software reduces the workload of the post-processing software from 2 – 3 working days to less than 1 hour, it will significantly improve work efficiency. Meanwhile, automated post-processing with programs can completely eliminate potential errors and mistake caused by engineers when manually processing data.


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