GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2013


主催: NVIDIA Corporation
日時: 2013年3月20日(水)
場所: San Jose McEnery Convention Center (アメリカ:カルフォルニア)


The NVIDIA GPU Technology conference was held in San Jose, California and had attendees from every facet of industry. The purpose of the event was to present the advances in GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) technology. Whereas GPUs were only used to display graphics, they are now competing with CPUs in processing functionality. NVIDIA is a leader in moving this technology forward and the progress they have made is startling. The atmosphere was boisterous due to all the breakthroughs that NVIDIA announced. There were, of course, demonstrations of visualization improvement including 3D displays and more elaborate rendering. But there were also examples of GPUs being used to in server type applications or reducing computation time. JSOL’s paper discussed how customers are using GPUs to realize substantial analysis speed improvements. And from the conference, it seems that the rapid performance improvements in GPUs will not slow down any time soon.