LMS European Vehicle Conference


主催: LMS International
日時: 2013年10月29日(火)~30日(水)
場所: Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich(ドイツ:ミュンヘン)
URL: http://www.lmsintl.com/2013-european-vehicle-conference


Once again, LMS International hosted the LMS European Vehicle conference. The main topics were NVH & Acoustics, Model-Based System Engineering
Driving Dynamics & Durability. Over 30 presentations have been given as well as workshops in order to make the attendees understand what are the challenges of tomorrow and how simulation could help them to efficiently work.
In the audience, there was a majority of French and German people but also engineers from overall in Europe coming sometimes
from very different department: EM Design, Control Design, Energy Management in a car, Actuators…
Most of the people who visited JMAG booth showed interest into NVH analysis with JMAG; some of them were not involved directly in Electromagnetics studies but were open to getting information about JMAG’s link with other software and tools in order to forward it to their dedicated colleagues.
Another huge topic was the multi-physics applications and a third redundant topic was the principle and the use of the RT model.


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