Modern Simulation for Electric Motors Seminar


主催: LMS International、Powersys Solutions
日時: 2013年3月12日(火)
場所: LMS North America Office (アメリカ:ミシガン)


The LMS Seminar was a 1 day event held at LMS’s Troy, Michigan offices. There were approximately 26 attendees from a variety of companies. The seminar discussed how to model electromagnetic forces and incorporate those results into a noise and vibration simulation. The first half of the day focused on modeling electric motors in JMAG, specifically an IPM machine and a SR machine. The second half of the day discussed how to transfer the forces to LMS’s Virtual.Lab for further analysis, including correlating the results with actual measurements. There attendees asked many good questions about this process and had very positive feedback. They liked the fact that linking JMAG and Virtual.Lab is becoming more seamless and they were interested in identifying applications that could benefit from this capability.


LMS International