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  1. Efficiency Map Generation and Simulation of Dual Three-Phase PMSM

    Daniel Keller, Mercedes Benz AG

  2. Realtime simulation of JMAG motor model by dSPACE SCALEXIO HIL system

    Satoshi Ohdan, dSPACE Japan K.K

  3. RecurDyn Dynamic Simulation of Drivetrain System with Electric Motors

    June Seo, FunctionBay, Inc

  4. Motor Control Development Tools Work with JMAG

    YAMAGISHI Kan, Myway Plus Corporation

  5. Comprehensive System to Component xEV Simulation Using Gamma Technologies and JMAG

    Joe Wimmer, Gamma Technologies, LLC

  6. Problems and Problems Resolved after JMAG Introduction


  7. Automated Electric-Machine Design Workflow in the Cloud for Aviation Applications

    Daniel Csapo, Rolls-Royce Hungary Kft.

  8. [L-MO-54] JMAG-Express Online

    JMAG-Express Online is a Web service to support your motor design work anytime, anywhere.

  9. Low Oscillation Actuator for Force-controlled Medical Robot Arm

    Tetsuharu Fukushima, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

  10. [L-MO-89]JMAG-Express Motor Design Tool

    JMAG-Express is a motor design tool that instantly calculates unique motor characteristics in order to output design specifications to meet design requirements. As it uses the fin…

  11. [L-MO-77]Motor Concept Design with JMAG-Express and JMAG-RT Viewer

    Within upstream system designs in a development process, elements that satisfy motor requirements are all roughly determined. This includes the rotor type, the number of poles, th…

  12. Study of SPM,IPM,IPM vernior Motor using JMAG-Experss

    Yasuhiro Kondo, Electric Motor and Electric Motor drive technology consulting

  13. A case of benchmarking of brushless motor using JMAG-Express

    Takayuki Ochiai, NSK Ltd.

  14. Introduction to magnetic field design support system using JMAG

    Manabu Kawaji, AISIN SEIKI Co.,Ltd.

  15. Analysis of brush motors by JMAG

    Naohiro Hashidume, NIDEC Corporation

  16. Power measurement technique for inverter and motor evaluation

    Eiichi Odaira, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation

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