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  1. [JFT168] Creating Geometry to Reduce Geometry Corruption

    This document explains how to create geometry that is less likely to result in geometry corruption.

    • [JFT175] Workflow and Key Points of Topology Optimization

      It is intended for intermediate level users who are able to use technical references to improve accuracy and efficiency in their analysis. Therefore, basic information and detaile…

    • [JFT171] Evaluation of Results for Multi-Case Calculations That Do Not Load Result Files

      This document explains how to run an analysis on the remote machine and check the analysis results without transferring the result file to the local machine.

    • [JFT174] Workflow and Key Points of Parameter Optimization

      This document is intended for intermediate-level readers who can use the technical materials to improve the accuracy and operational efficiency of the analyses that they are invol…

    • [JFT169] Run Distributed Processing Efficiently

      This document explains how to configure settings so that the waiting time for analysis is as short as possible by using the PBS option for the remote machine SSH function.

      • [JFT172] Workflow and Key Points of Parametric Analysis

        It is intended for intermediate-level users who are able to use technical references to improve accuracy and efficiency of their analysis. Therefore, basic information and detaile…

      • [JFT167] Adding Arbitrary Circuits to JMAG Model Equivalent Circuits

        This document explains how to add arbitrary circuits when running JMAG-RT models with MATLAB/Simulink.

      • San-Eisha Ltd.

        San-Eisha Ltd.

        A power distribution equipment manufacturer committed to establishing stable power supply and creating a comfortable living environment. A company that manufactures highly reliabl…

      • [L-MO-09] Easily Creating Complex Coil Ends Geometry in a Template

        The introduction of square wire coils and higher motor speeds no longer allow coil AC losses to be ignored as a loss factor. Coil AC losses are caused by the skin effect and prox…

      • [JAC280] Topology Optimization of Induction Heating Coil

        In this example, magnetic field and thermal coupled analysis is run, and using topology optimization, searches are performed for a heating coil that maximizes the power factor and…

      • [JFT164] Searching for a Parameter Range that Reduces Geometry Collapse During Optimization Calculation (For Ver.22.0 or later)

        This document explains how to use this useful function to search for parameter ranges that reduce geometry collapse during optimization calculations.



        We spoke with Ms. Okawa, Associate Officer in charge of the Power Train and Electrification Development of the Powertrain Company, the key figure in technology development and pro…


        AISIN CORPORATION(Part ll)

        Interview of technical experts working on developing the traction system (eAxle) for BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicle).

      • Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering, Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology

        Value the challenges in developing new technologies, and taking the initiative in motor structure innovations

      • Stray Loss Analysis of Large Power Transformer Using 3D Magnetic Field Analysis

        Masaki Sakuma, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

      • An Introduction of Cloud Computing Application for Motor Design Speed Improvement

        Kensuke Sasaki, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

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