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  1. Validated Efficiency Simulation of Electrical Machine Based on JMAG-Designer

    Li Chen, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co.,Ltd.

  2. Enabling Full EDU Optimization and Losses Analysis Under Different PWM Strategies and DC Voltages Employing Combined JMAG-MATLAB Simulation Environments

    Nicola Rossi, Rimac Technology

  3. Applied Cases of EV Motor Controller Tuning by MILS using JMAG-RT

    Nobuo Morimura, SUBARU CORPORATION

  4. Coupled Optimization of Active and Passive Components in Electric Machines: Towards Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and EMC Objectives

    Mohamed Essam Ahmed, AVL List GmbH

  5. Electrical Power & Propulsion Systems for Advanced Air Mobility 3D Design Space Exploration

    Florian Birnkammer, Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG

  6. Practical Robust Optimization Method using HPC

    Takuya Yoshioka, DENSO CORPORATION

  7. Initiatives in Induction Hardening Simulation by coupling JMAG and Simufact

    Ippei Ohnuma, NDK Inc.

  8. Optimizing Motor Shrink Fitting Process Conditions using Induction Heating


  9. Analysis of Electromagnetic Force Acting on a Workpiece During Induction Heating

    Go Hagimoto, NSK Ltd.

  10. 1 : JMAG-Ansys-Optimus Electromagnetic Field-Structure Analysis 2 : AI and PIDO Integration -Fast non-parametric shape optimisation-


  11. [JAC222] Irreversible Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Incompletely Magnetized Magnets

    In this example, analysis is performed while varying the temperature of magnetized magnets, and then the influence on the torque waveform and magnetic flux density distribution is…

  12. [JAC122] Inductance Analysis of an IPM Motor -d/q-axis Inductance Obtained by Actual Measurement-

    This Application Note presents an analysis that obtains d/q-axis inductance in an IPM motor while assuming actual measurements in a stationary rotor.

  13. [JFT153] Topology Optimization Calculations Using CNN Surrogate Models

    This document describes as the workflow for topology optimization calculations using CNN surrogate models running topology optimization for creating a CNN surrogate model, creatin…

    • [JFT115] Recalculating Electromagnetic Force and Torque Waveforms

      This document describes the method for calculating electromagnetic force as the post-processing of magnetic field analysis.

      • [JAC034] Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor

        This note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to evaluate the demagnetizing ratio distribution of an of an SPM motor by changing the current flow.

      • [JAC203] No-Load Test Analysis of Power Transformer

        This example focuses on modeling in the analysis of no-load tests in JMAG and obtains the magnetic flux line, current, excitation conductance, and excitation susceptance that can …

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