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  1. [JAC293] Axial Gap Motor Geometry Optimization Using Surrogate Models

    In this example, the dimensions of an axial gap motor are optimized by using surrogate models, then the Pareto curves and the effect of reduction in calculation times when using s…

  2. [JAC292] Evaluating Energy Consumption During Drive Cycle Using Loss Maps with Temperature Dependency for IPM Motors

    In this example, loss maps with temperature dependency for an IPM motor are used to compare and evaluate the energy consumption and efficiency during a WLTC drive cycle while usin…

  3. [JAC286] IPM Motor Iron Loss Analysis Accounting for PWM -Evaluation with Different Modulation Methods-

    In this example, the effects on iron loss when the modulation method for PWM control is changed are evaluated.

  4. [JFT184] Using a Script to Remove Unnecessary Steps From Result Files

    This document explains how to remove unnecessary steps from a result file.

  5. [JFT185] Using User Geometry in JMAG-Express (Ver.23.0 and later)

    This document describes the procedures to let you run performance evaluations in JMAG-Express by using geometry created with external CAD.

    • [JAC010] Thermal Analysis of a Radiant Heater

      This Application Note explains how to carry out a thermal analysis using the thermal radiation phenomenon between a heater and a heated body to obtain the differences in temperatu…

    • [JFT180] Topology Optimization Including Magnet Orientation Directions as Design Variables

      This document describes the procedures for running topology optimization, including the magnet orientation directions as design variables.

      • Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

        As an electrical machine manufacturer, Sinfonia Technology boasts a diverse product lineup that leverages its technological development capabilities centered on rotation machines …

      • [JAC279] Thermal Analysis Accounting for Cooling of the IPM Motor

        In this example, thermal equivalent circuit is used to run thermal analysis of a 3-phase IPM motor that accounts for cooling, and check the temperature change in the coil.

      • [JFT165] Running JMAG Using a Python Development Environment

        This document explains how to run a Python script on a third-party integrated development environment, then configure the settings for conditions in JMAG.

        • [JFT116] Creating Rotating Machine Coil Geometry Accounting for Arbitrary Winding Methods

          This document describes the method for creating a rotating machine coil using the coil template Edit Winding Table function.

          • [JAC251] Alternator Vibration Analysis

            In this example, the electromagnetic force generated in the stator core of a claw pole alternator is obtained, and acceleration is evaluated with an electromagnetic force - struct…

          • [JAC018] Thermal Analysis of a Motor

            In this example, how to evaluate a motor's temperature distribution by creating a thermal analysis model that can investigate the loss analysis and temperature distribution in ord…

          • [JAC273] Creating IPM Motor Efficiency Maps Accounting for AC Loss

            In this example, an IPM motor efficiency map that accounts for AC loss from a PWM is created, and a comparison with an efficiency map that does not account for AC loss is performe…

          • [JFT181] Using 2D CAD Data for Motor Design in JMAG-Express (Ver.22.1 and later)

            This document describes the procedures for evaluating performance with JMAG-Express using geometry created from external CAD.

            • [JFT179] Simultaneous Multi-Case Execution from CUI on HPC/Cluster

              This document describes the procedures for running multi-case calculations from the CUI of the calculation machine in environments where jobs cannot be directly submitted from the…

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