Introducing New Functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.18.1

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.18.1.
This will also include demonstrations using JMAG-Designer Ver.18.1 itself.
Demonstration data can be downloaded from JMAG function tutorials.
We encourage all of our users to take a look for themselves to experience these offers firsthand.

*This is a lecture that can be attended via internet in your own time and for as many times as required.
*To view the video, please use “Create an account” via the link below.
Those already registered with us can access this video immediately, in addition to access to white papers and JMAG-Express Online.


This will introduce the key features of JMAG-Designer Ver.18.1.
  • Efficiency Map for Induction Motor
    Expand the application scope of the efficiency map function with the induction motors in speed priority mode.
  • Topology Optimization
    Design concept exploration directly integrated in JMAG-Designer. Simplify the settings for your topology optimization with the new constraints allowing for the creation of NG-nets directly in JMAG-Designer.
  • Magnet Editor
    Compare different PMSM machine topologies with different number of poles and slots in the same study. In Ver. 18.1, the application range of magnet pattern specification was extended to V-shaped magnets.
  • Speed up of high parallel solver
    The solver of JMAG-Designer has been improved, and up to 512 parallel can be used.

Other additions and improvements beside these have also been added.
Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.18.1
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