Introducing New Functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.20.1

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.20.1.
This will also include demonstrations using JMAG-Designer Ver.20.1 itself.
Demonstration data can be downloaded from JMAG function tutorials.
We encourage all of our users to take a look for themselves to experience these offers firsthand.

*This is a lecture that can be attended via internet in your own time and for as many times as required.


What is JMAG-Designer Ver.20.1 ?

  1. Speedup Processing of Large Scale Models
    Processing time reduced for multi-face models and models with tens of millions of elements.
  2. Processing Time Reduced for Mesh Subdivision
    Faster mesh generation for large scale models.
  3. Input Function Added in Drive Cycle
    Evaluate motor efficiency and losses in drive cycle.
  4. Narrow Down Design Space Using Reduced Order Model
    Design space is narrowed down using only JMAG-Designer.
  5. Official release of Range Finder
    Generate geometry within short time with models that experience difficulty in obtaining valid geometry.
  6. Simultaneous Optimization of Topology and Parameters
    Effectively implement searches for designs strongly affected by topology and parameters.
  7. Expand Physical Phenomena Accounted for in Three-way Coupled Analysis
    Expand applications for use in three-way coupled analysis.
  8. JMAG-RT Loss Map Model
    Can perform system simulation using JMAG-RT model.

Other additions and improvements beside these have also been added.
Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.20.1
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