Introducing New Functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.20.2

A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.20.2.
This will also include demonstrations using JMAG-Designer Ver.20.2 itself.
Demonstration data can be downloaded from JMAG function tutorials.
We encourage all of our users to take a look for themselves to experience these offers firsthand.

*This is a lecture that can be attended via internet in your own time and for as many times as required.


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What is JMAG-Designer Ver.20.2 ?

  1. Software Performance
    • Speed up for JMAG-Designer File I/O Processing
    • Thermal Analysis Solver MPP Support and Increased Inter-Step Processing
    • Mesh Generation Speed up
  2. Optimization
    • Topology and Parameter Simultaneous Optimization
  3. Control / Circuit
    • Integration Studies
    • Accounting for JMAG-RT Model AC Loss
  4. Multiphysics
    • Support for Magnetic Field, Thermal, and Structural Three-Way Coupled Analysis
  5. Pre-Post Processer
    • Register Analysis Parameter View Displays as Templates
  6. Motor Design
    • New JMAG-Express Provided
    • Conversion from Speed Priority Mode to Accuracy Priority Mode
    • Coil Templates Support Axial Gap Types
    • Expanded the Winding Definition Methods in Winding Settings

Other additions and improvements beside these have also been added.
Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.20.2
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