Multiphysics [Function]

Coupled Analysis Subcycling

  • A much greater degree of freedom for coupled analysis timing in JMAG!
    • Choose either magnetic field or thermal analysis as time standard for coupled analysis
    • Choose multiple studies in slave analysis

Multi-frequency Heating

  • Account for multiple frequencies in coupled magnetic field thermal analysis!
    • Estimation of dual wave properties in high-frequency induction heating
    • Respective losses from different superimposed frequencies can be analyzed by specifying multiple magnetic field analysis (FQ) files


  • Evaluation of strain and stresses from magnetostriction phenomena!
    • Check for vibrations from magnetostriction with linked structural analysis
    • Quantitatively evaluate contribution along with electromagnetic vibration

Electromagnetic vibration

Magnetostriction vibration

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Eigenvalue Analysis

Vibration/noise is caused by the resonance phenomena of excitation force and eigenmode vibration.
With JMAG’s structural analysis, eigenvalue and eigen vector can be obtained.

Example: Eigenvalue may change if static stress due to shrink fitting or press fitting is applied. Running eigenmode analysis accounting for stress distribution obtained in stress analysis allows for obtaining the eigenvalue accounting for these effects.

Eigenvalue with initial stress

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Sound Analysis

Example: Motors are widely used in various applications that require smaller and lighter motors along with the reduction of vibration and noise. JMAG can be used to analyze vibration and radiation sound caused by slot harmonics and the inverter drive.

Magnetic flux density distribution in the speaker

Radiated sound distribution in the speaker

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