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  1. Issue 1 Why is a high-speed calculation engine necessary?

    A Powerful Simulation EngineIn recent years, the needs of engineers are diversifying as computer aided engineering (CAE) tools are applied more regularly when designing electromagnetic devices. JMAG answers the diversifying needs of our users by enh…

    26 Nov 2009

  2. Issue 2 How JMAG Realized Accelerated Speed

    A Powerful Simulation EngineThis technical report introduces content concerning the development of JMAG technology.As the previous section introduced why matrix solvers are necessary for the simulation engine, the following describes how a high-spee…

    26 Nov 2009

  3. Issue 3 What Does the JMAG Mesh Generation Engine have to Offer?

    A Powerful Simulation EngineThese technical reports introduce the scope of JMAG's technological development.This edition introduces the value and future of one of the two major foundations of the simulation engine, the mesh generation engine.Optimiz…

    25 Feb 2010

  4. Issue 4 Material Modeling and Powerful Analysis Capabilities that Contribute to Limit Design

    Elaborate Modeling TechnologyModeling Complex Nonlinear Materials at a Micro Level\( \Large \nabla \times \frac{ l }{\mu_0}\nabla \times A = J -\sigma \frac{ \partial A } { \partial t } \nabla \times M \)The equation indicated above is the same basi…

    25 Feb 2010

  5. Issue 5 Versatile Mapping that Supports Multiphysics Simulations

    Elaborate Modeling TechnologyMaterial Modeling and Mapping Technology Supporting Multiphysics SimulationsMultiphysics simulations, such as coupled analyses (magnetic field, thermal, structural, electric field), are becoming more widely used in recen…

    29 Mar 2010

  6. Issue 6 Generating Highly Accurate Machine Models Indispensable to Model Based Design (MBD)

    Elaborate Modeling TechnologyIdeal MBD and Its ChallengesModel based design (MBD) has been around the field of circuits/controls for motors for a long time, but has not been at the forefront for some time. However, MBD allows the control algorithms …

    29 Mar 2010

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