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  1. Issue 6 Generating Highly Accurate Machine Models Indispensable to Model Based Design (MBD)

    Elaborate Modeling TechnologyIdeal MBD and Its ChallengesModel based design (MBD) has been around the field of circuits/controls for motors for a long time, but has not been at the forefront for some…

    29 Mar 2010

  2. Issue 5 Versatile Mapping that Supports Multiphysics Simulations

    Elaborate Modeling TechnologyMaterial Modeling and Mapping Technology Supporting Multiphysics SimulationsMultiphysics simulations, such as coupled analyses (magnetic field, thermal, structural, elect…

  3. Issue 4 Material Modeling and Powerful Analysis Capabilities that Contribute to Limit Design

    Elaborate Modeling TechnologyModeling Complex Nonlinear Materials at a Micro Level\( \Large \nabla \times \frac{ l }{\mu_0}\nabla \times A = J -\sigma \frac{ \partial A } { \partial t } \nabla \times…

    25 Feb 2010

  4. Issue 3 What Does the JMAG Mesh Generation Engine have to Offer?

    A Powerful Simulation EngineThese technical reports introduce the scope of JMAG's technological development.This edition introduces the value and future of one of the two major foundations of the sim…

  5. Issue 2 How JMAG Realized Accelerated Speed

    A Powerful Simulation EngineThis technical report introduces content concerning the development of JMAG technology.As the previous section introduced why matrix solvers are necessary for the simulati…

    26 Nov 2009

  6. Issue 1 Why is a high-speed calculation engine necessary?

    A Powerful Simulation EngineIn recent years, the needs of engineers are diversifying as computer aided engineering (CAE) tools are applied more regularly when designing electromagnetic devices. JMAG …

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