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  1. [JAC297] Geometry Optimization of a Wound-field Synchronous Motor Including Efficiency Map, Part Temperature, and Stress Evaluations

    This case study runs a parametric optimization of a main automotive engine to maximize efficiency and torque while minimizing the temperature and stress as constraint conditions.

  2. [JFT002] Parametric Analysis of Geometry Using Direct Modeling

    This document describes the procedures necessary to run a parametric analysis of geometry using direct modeling.

  3. [L-OP-57] Quick Evaluation of Diverse Designs

    In order to pursue higher-performance machine design, it is necessary to grasp the influence of small changes in design proposals on machine characteristics.

  4. [L-OP-27] Instantly Extracting the Necessary Information from a Large Amount of Analysis Data with JMAG-Explorer

    JMAG-Explorer is a tool for quickly finding files from large amounts of JMAG-related files (project files, JCF files, and result files).

  5. [W-OP-165] Solving Geometry Conflicts in GA Optimizations with Large Numbers of Geometric Parameters

    Genetic Algorithm (GA) based optimization with finite element analysis is expected to become a solution for high performance motor designs which need to satisfy many strict requir…

  6. Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

    “Developing technology and selling technology”, based on this corporate philosophy, Tamagawa Seiki has grown with firm roots in the local community of its offices and production c…

  7. Best of Bosch – The Computational Concerto Orchestrating Finite Element Analysis, Network Methods, and Machine Learning

    Stefan KURZ, Robert Bosch GmbH

  8. Magnetic, Thermal and Vibration Evaluation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Considering High Frequency Component of Electric Current by PWM

    Takeshi Hara, YANMAR HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.

  9. Analysis and Optimization of Motors for Electric Vehicles

    ChiLu Lee, Vast Power Corporation

  10. Hybrid Method of Topology and Parameter Optimization Considering Magnetic and Circuit Properties of Power Electronic Devices -The Application Example to …

    Kazuki Sato, OMRON Corporation

  11. Topology Optimization of SynRM using Gabor Filter


  12. Application of the Heat Generation Analysis Function to Motor Optimization

    Kyohei Yanagisawa, ASTER CO.,LTD

  13. Coupled Optimization of Active and Passive Components in Electric Machines: Towards Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and EMC Objectives

    Mohamed Essam Ahmed, AVL List GmbH

  14. Electrical Power & Propulsion Systems for Advanced Air Mobility 3D Design Space Exploration

    Florian Birnkammer, Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG

  15. Practical Robust Optimization Method using HPC

    Takuya Yoshioka, DENSO CORPORATION

  16. Optimizing Motor Shrink Fitting Process Conditions using Induction Heating


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