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  1. Multi-Physics Analysis with JMAG-Designer: Current Capabilities and Future Directions

    David Dibben, JSOL Corporation

  2. Introducing the modeFRONTIER JMAG-Designer Direct Interface

    Seiji Nishita, Home Appliances Company Panasonic Corporation

  3. Development of an Electric Drive Motor for the Honda FCX Clarity

    Akinobu Iwai,Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

  4. Loss Analysis and Shape Optimization of Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

    Katsumi Yamazaki, Chiba Institute of Technology.

  5. Development and Performance Evaluation of a Contactless Inductive Power Supply (IPS) System for Electric-driven Vehicles

    Yushi Kamiya,Waseda University

  6. Considerration of the Joule Loss in Windings for Power Reactor

    Tsutomu Hamada,Tamura Coporation

  7. Streamlining Electromagnetic Field Analysis and Supporting the Decision-Making Using modeFRONTIER

    Yasushi Fujishima, CD-adapco JAPAN Co.,LTD.

  8. Multi-objective Optimization of Electric Motor and its Driving Parameter using modeFRONTIER and JMAG-Simulink Co-simulation Model.

    Asahiko Otani, CD-adapco JAPAN Co.,LTD.

  9. Optimization of a Choking Coil using JMAG and AMDESS

    Hidenori Uematsu, Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

  10. Optimization Method for Inner Magnetic Shield in CRT

    Miyoko Okutani, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  11. Applications of Optimal Design Methods in Magnetic Field Problems

    Shinji Wakao, Waseda University

  12. Analysis and Design Challenges of Complex Regions

    H.Miura Engineering (USA)

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