Brush Motor / Universal Motor

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  1. Electromagnetic Force Analysis of DC Motors Taking Commutation Characteristics into Account

    Xiaochun Sun, ASMO Co.,Ltd

  2. [JAC003] Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Brush Motor

    This document introduces how the characteristics of the brush-type PM motor can be obtained, including torque versus current (T-I), torque versus speed (T-N), and magnetic flux de…

  3. Resent trend of the permanent magnet and the magnetic field analysis technology

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  4. Evaluation of the acoustic noise of DC permanent magnet motor

    Frank Hsieh, Chi-Hua Fitness Co.,Ltd.

  5. [JAC095] Analysis of a Universal Motor

    This note presents how the characteristics of a universal motor can be obtained, including torque versus current (T-I), torque versus speed (T-N), and magnetic flux density distri…

  6. [JAC111] Starting Performance Analysis of a Universal Motor

    This document introduces the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the speed versus time graph, the current waveform, and the torque versus time graph for a universal motor.

  7. [JAC071] Basic Characteristic Analysis of a Motor with 2 Brushes, 6 Poles, and 19 Slots

    This Application Note presents an analysis to obtain the speed versus torque and torque versus current for a motor that has 2 brushes, 6 poles, and 19 slots.

  8. [JAC106] Iron Loss Analysis of a Brush Motor

    This note presents how to obtain the iron loss in the stator core and rotor core of a brush motor.

  9. Creating Simulation Models based on Measuring Results of Brushed DC-Motors using JMAG-Designerr

    Matthias SCHONDELING, Valeo Wiper System, Bietigheim

  10. Practical use of JMAG-Designer in motor development

    Kengo Takao, RYOBI LIMITED

  11. Analysis of brush motors by JMAG

    Naohiro Hashidume, NIDEC Corporation

  12. JMAG case examples for developing electric components for motorcycle engines


  13. JMAG Case Study Presentation for Developing Electric Components of a Motorcycle Engine


  14. [L-MO-89]JMAG-Express Motor Design Tool

    JMAG-Express is a motor design tool that instantly calculates unique motor characteristics in order to output design specifications to meet design requirements. As it uses the fin…

  15. [W-MO-13] Evaluation of a 2D Brush Motor Analysis Accounting for 3D Geometry

    In this applied case, the structure of a 2D analysis model accounting for 3D geometry is evaluated through the comparison with a 3D analysis model. The modeling validity is proved…

  16. [L-MO-54] JMAG-Express Online

    JMAG-Express Online is a Web service to support your motor design work anytime, anywhere.

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