Induction Heating

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  1. The Goal of Induction Heating Analysis

    What are FEA's Effects in the Development Process?The purpose of this session is to show the merit of using simulation for the design of induction heating apparatus. Please consid…

  2. Neturen Co. Ltd.

    Pioneering Induction Heating Technology in Japan Using JMAG to Achieve Higher Accuracy and Quality in Induction Hardening

  3. A System of Coordination With Analysis Engineers and the Successes That Follow

    Norihide Fujiyama, KOYO THERMO SYSTEMS CO.,LTD

  4. Development of the self fluxing alloy fusing process with the control system using the simulation

    Tomoji Osada, NIPPON THERMONICS Corporation.

  5. Effect of magnetic property on the accuracy of induction heating analysis

    Hiroshi Yuki, NTN Corporation

  6. Measurement of Magnetic Properties at High Temperature and Application to Magneto-Thermal Coupled Analysis of Induction Heater

    Norio Takahashi, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering/The Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology/Okayama University

  7. Guidelines for Generating Mesh in Induction Heating Simulations

    Jun Iwanaga, JSOL Corporation

  8. Trends and Challenges of Induction Heating Analyses

    Hiroshi Hashimoto, JSOL Corp.

  9. Examples Utilizing JMAG

    Shunsuke Funaji,Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding co.,ltd

  10. Crankshaft optimization of induction heat treatment using computer aided engineering

    There is no abstract publishedClick here for moreDownload PDF

  11. [JAC100] Surface Heating Analysis of a Steel Plate

    This Application Note presents how to confirm the uniformity of the surface temperature distribution in the steel plate facing the coil and check for an eddy current loss density …

  12. [JAC048] High-Frequency Induction Heating Analysis of a Printer Roller

    This Application Note confirms the non-uniformity in temperature distribution produced by an assumed coil geometry, as well as the temperature elevation in each part caused by rot…

  13. [JAC083] Magnetic Shielding Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    This Application Note displays magnetic flux density distribution to evaluate the differences in magnetic flux with and without yokes.

  14. Finite Element Analysis of a Steering Rack Shaft Subjected to the High-Frequency Induction Hardening Process

    Manabu Fukumoto,Katsuhiko Kizawa,Kazuo Okamura,Atsuhiko Ohta, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd/JTECT Corporation

  15. Analysis of an induction-heating fusing unit using JMAG


  16. [JAC047] High-Frequency Induction Heating Analysis of a Crankshaft

    This Application Note shows an example of an evaluation performed by creating a numerical analysis model, analyzing the elevated temperature process, and seeing whether or not the…

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