An Example of Motor Control ECU Software Verification from HILS using JMAG-RT

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Tomohiro Morita, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.


With motor control ECU software verification, in the event of a precise evaluation of motor behavior being required, testing is conducted on actual equipment using items such as motor benches.
But testing on actual machinery entails enormous costs in terms of completeness and safety. Furthermore, if the control software changes, it is vital to conduct a regression test to see how motor behavior will change, but it raises the cost up to an even higher level to eliminate the effect of environment conditions and increase reproducibility. To solve problems like these, we constructed an automatic test system that automatically verified software using HILS and conducted a fault injection test on a motor control ECU. We applied JMAG-RT in the motor model for software verification of motor behavior when a fault occurs. This paper will introduce these software verification case studies.

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