A Model-Based Development Process of Automobile Using JMAG-RT and PSIM

Minoru Miyakoshi, Hirotaka Toda
Powertrain System Development Dept. PT Control System Engineering Gr., Mazda Motor Corporation
/ Hisayuki Kabashima
Technical Research Center, Advanced Materials Research Field, Mazda Motor Corporation


Recent trends in the automotive R&D sector has indicated OEM’s to incorporate a development effort that is designed to address the rapidly changing landscape of complex powertrain schematics, performance optimization, and reduced cost structure. In addition, the progress of electronic powertrain development process has added an additional layer to the R&D process innovation hierarchy as well. This report will cover the events in recent progressions of automotive electric powertrain development in the following order:
(1)Real-time motor simulator(JMAG-RT) and circuit simulator(PSIM) integration for rapid and high precision performance forecasting for a wide operation window.
(2)Implementation of JMAG-RT/PSIM results into an automotive powerflow simulator for high level system optimization and thesis design, as well as preparation of a framework for electronic motor control system validation.

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