Fuel Consumption Simulations for Vehicles Equipped with HUB Bearings with Motor Generator (eHUB)

Mitsuo Kawamura
New Product Development R&D Center, NTN Corporation


The combination of HUB bearings with motor generator has developed the eHUB. The eHUBs can be fitted to the non-driven wheels of conventional vehicles, and by combining them with a 48V mild hybrid system, can improve fuel consumption and vehicle dynamics.
In order to verify the effect of the eHUB, evaluation at the vehicle system level is required. However, a lot of man-hours and costs are required for the test by the actual machines and the trial production that feeds back the result.
Currently, the car manufactures use Model Based Development in the development of vehicles to reduce man-hours and cost. We, in NTN, also use the analytical model of fuel consumption of a vehicle and the motor model by JMAG-RT to explore the motor specification and control algorithm of eHUB motor to minimize the vehicle fuel consumption. Here, I will present a closer look at the performance of the simulation model, based on actual motor tests and real fuel consumption data.

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