Vibration Prediction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors by Aid of JMAG

Toru Mizota
Fundamental Technology Research Center, Research & Development Center,
Innovation & Technology Division


Electrification of agricultural and construction machinery is attracting an increasing interest, as greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in frame of Paris Agreement as well as a global movement towards carbon neutrality in 2050, will also require the agricultural and construction machinery sector to reduce its emissions.
Electrified machinery is in general considered to operate more silent compared to its diesel engine powered counterparts. However, vibration noise from the electric motor is expected to be a major contribution to noise of electrified machines.
Already in the design phase, it would be beneficial to predict the vibration response of the motor by using a model-based approach. In order to predict the vibration characteristics of a motor, it is necessary to calculate the exciting force by aid of electromagnetic field analysis and vibration transfer by appropriate modeling of the structural system. The authors are working on this model development and its validity evaluation by using JMAG. Latest results of this development work will be presented and discussed.

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