Low Oscillation Actuator for Force-controlled Medical Robot Arm

Tetsuharu Fukushima
Medical Imaging Development Department, R&D Division, Medical Business Group, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.


In recent years, minimally invasive surgery has been spreading rapidly within surgical fields. While this means many benefits for the patient, however, there is a considerably larger amount of burden on medical team in the case of abdominal laparotomy.
With the objective of reducing this burden, research has been made into the development of a force-controlled medical robot arm for endoscopic surgical. This goal is achieved by making it so that medical tram can make direct operation during surgery, operating the arm both safely and easily thanks to its force-control, which also allows them to maintain their field of vision of the whole procedure.
Because of the necessity of these direct operation, what is expected of the arm is actuators that move smoothly with little vibration. As so to realize a motor with low cogging, low torque, and a lack of vibrations, investigations are carried out with both JMAG and analyses linked with vibration and control.

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