Simulation based design validation and optimisation of Electrical machines for automotive applications



Lucas-TVS Ltd., M.P.Ragavendra


Lucas-TVS is an Auto-component manufacturer and its products include Automotive alternators, Starter motors, Wiper motors, Ignition coils, etc., Some of its new products under development are Integral starter generator (ISG) for passenger cars, Traction motor for Electric Two wheelers. In present scenario where product technologies are changing faster than ever, R&D managers are constantly looking for new methods to shorten product development cycle time. Advanced computer aided design and simulation helps to achieve this to greater extent. Simulation based design validation reduces the time to make multiple prototypes and validate it. Most of the design iterations are performed in simulation and prototypes are made for optimum design. This presentation talks about how Lucas-TVS is able to reduce development time by performing computer aided simulations and addressing key challenges.
Two case studies are discussed. First one about automotive alternator, key challenges in modelling its electromagnetics, performance simulation using transient 3D approach, reduction of simulation time by using axial reverse boundary condition. Second case study is about PMSM for electric vehicle application, achieving wide operating conditions of torque and speed by flux weakening approach, inductance variation (Ld, Lq) and optimisation of rotor geometry to reduce torque ripple. Presentation covers the modelling efforts for design validation, design optimisation using parametric modelling and also correlation of the model results with test results.


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