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  1. Power measurement using large current/high frequency sensors

    Eiichi Odaira, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation

  2. Opening remarks, POWERSYS

    Vincent CAPRON, CTO

  3. JMAG: Recent developments and roadmap

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

  4. Customer case: Computation of no-loadtorque for slotlessmachine withnon-cylindricalairgap

    Eduardo E. Montalvo-Ortiz, POWERSYS USA

  5. Useful Tips for JMAG-Designer

    Masayuki Kawai, JSOL Corp.

  6. Evaluation of Iron Loss Analysis and Material Modeling Accounting for Residual Strain

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

  7. Evaluation of performances of a PMSM taking into account the impact of the lamination cutting

    Xavier Jannot, Jacques Saint-Michel, Leroy-Somer, Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corporation

  8. JMAG’s responses to user proposals

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

  9. Innovative process of design exploration using JMAG and HEEDS

    Taiki Matsumura, CD-adapco Co., Ltd

  10. JMAG Parallel Execution Environment using a PC Cluster

    Atsuo Nakata, Engineering Section III, Enterprise Dept. I, IT Engineering Div., SCSK Corporation

  11. Design of a large tidal generator

    Liam Naugher, Newcastle University

  12. Design and analysis of high-performance small wind generators and integrated assessment in Taiwan (Chinese-only)

    Chun-Yu Hsiao, Shang-Chih Lin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Saint John's University

  13. Electromagnetic force as a noise source generated by leakage flux in transformer tank


  14. Vibration analysis of transformer core with magnetostriction by using JMAG

    Naoyuki Kurita, Hitachi Ltd.

  15. Practical application of stress analysis of stator coil-end portion of turbine generator

    Takayuki Mizumoto, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

  16. JMAG analysis for litz wire

    Koji Tani, JSOL Corp.

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