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  1. Linear Motor & Eddy Current Brake Design For The Worlds First Hyperloop Test Track

    Arbi Gharakhani Siraki, Virgin Hyperloop One

  2. Analysis of LIM-type Eddy-Current Rail Brakes using Large Scale Model

    Hiroshi Yoda, Railway Technical Research Institute

  3. Low Oscillation Actuator for Force-controlled Medical Robot Arm

    Tetsuharu Fukushima, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

  4. Higher Radial Suspension Force of Magnetic Bearing on Centrifugal Compressor for HVAC


  5. Introduction to Motor Thermal Analysis in Motor-CAD

    Soumya Dutta, Romax Technology Japan Limited

  6. Oil cooling Electric machine using multi-time scale CHT and Hybrid Multiphase

    Makoto Sato, Siemens PLM software Computational Dynamics K.K.

  7. Development Planning of JMAG

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

    • Predicting Electromagnetic Pump Operation Using a Simulink-JMAG Coupled Analysis

      Kiyoto Matsumoto, IWAKI CO., LTD.

    • The Role of JMAG on Powertrain Development

      Albert Li, Gogoro Inc.

    • 6 kW Axial Flux Motor Based on Soft Magnetic Composites for Hand Held Power Tools

      Cristofaro Pompermaier, Husqvarna Group

    • Application Studies of the JMAG Optimization Function in the Design of Wristwatch Motors

      Reiko Kimura, Seiko Instruments Inc.

    • The Development of Magnetic Property Evaluation Techniques in Accordance with Solenoid Coil Methodology Using JMAG

      Masahiro Iwata, DENSHIJIKI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.

    • Development planning of JMAG

      Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp

      • Detailed Evaluation of High-frequency Transformers/Reactors

        Takayuki Nishio, JSOL Corp.

      • Potential of FEM Analysis

        Fumihiko Goto, Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

        • Comparison of electromagnetic and thermal modelling with JMAG with electromagnetic and thermal equivalent circuit models and experimental test results

          Shinara UTEGENOVA, Airbus Helicopters

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