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  1. The Development of Magnetic Property Evaluation Techniques in Accordance with Solenoid Coil Methodology Using JMAG


  2. Development planning of JMAG

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp

  3. Detailed Evaluation of High-frequency Transformers/Reactors

    Takayuki Nishio, JSOL Corp.

  4. Potential of FEM Analysis

    Fumihiko Goto, Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

  5. Design and Development of Hyperloop Propulsion System Using JMAG

    Arbi Gharakhani Siraki, Hyperloop One

  6. Development planning of JMAG

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

  7. Design and measurements of a prototype axial flux machine

    Marcel Lehr, Institut fur Elektrische Energiewandlung - TU Darmstadt.

  8. Electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic simulation of a claw-pole alternator: taking the stator manufacturing process into account

    Antoine Tan-Kim, Valeo Engine and Electrical Systems.

  9. Comparison of electromagnetic and thermal modelling with JMAG with electromagnetic and thermal equivalent circuit models and experimental test results…

    Shinara UTEGENOVA, Airbus Helicopters

  10. Optimal Design of Electrical Rotating Machines using JMAG

    Aymen Ammar, Jeumont Electric

  11. Design of a Claw-Pole Stator Exciter for a Synchronous Generator

    Alejandro Fernandez Sanchez, Moteurs Leroy Somer

  12. Simulation of Pulse Magnetic Forming: Simulations and Experiments

    Dominique Deloison, Airbus Group

  13. Engineering optimization applied to the development of electro-mechanical systems

    Bertrand Monnier, Noesis Solutions

  14. Introduction of the latest version of JMAG

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

  15. Introduction of JMAG-Express

    Tetsuya Hattori, JSOL Corp.

  16. The thermal field simulation analysis of the JMAG platform for the FAW Technology Center

    Zeng jingling, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center

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