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  1. Application Studies of JMAG Topology Optimization in the Design of Wristwatch Motors

    Reiko Kimura, Seiko Instruments Inc.

  2. Integrated Framework for Design Synthesis and Optimization of IPM Machine for Off Highway Applications

    Shashikiran HK, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.

  3. Analyzing Permanent Magnet Motors with Magnetic Field + Structural Coupling Using PSL (Power Simulation Licenses)

    Makoto Matsushita, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation / Takashi Nakaoka, JSOL Corp.

  4. Development of a Simulation Method for Electromagnetic Stirring in Levitation Melting Furnace Using a JMAG-STAR-CCM+ Two-Way Coupled Analysis

    Asako Kamimoto, Daido Steel Co., Ltd. / Shinsuke Inoue, Star Info Tech Co.,Ltd.

  5. Linear Motor & Eddy Current Brake Design For The Worlds First Hyperloop Test Track

    Arbi Gharakhani Siraki, Virgin Hyperloop One

  6. Analysis of LIM-type Eddy-Current Rail Brakes using Large Scale Model

    Hiroshi Yoda, Railway Technical Research Institute

  7. Low Oscillation Actuator for Force-controlled Medical Robot Arm

    Tetsuharu Fukushima, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

  8. Higher Radial Suspension Force of Magnetic Bearing on Centrifugal Compressor for HVAC


  9. Introduction to Motor Thermal Analysis in Motor-CAD

    Soumya Dutta, Romax Technology Japan Limited

  10. Oil cooling Electric machine using multi-time scale CHT and Hybrid Multiphase

    Makoto Sato, Siemens PLM software Computational Dynamics K.K.

  11. Development Planning of JMAG

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

    • Predicting Electromagnetic Pump Operation Using a Simulink-JMAG Coupled Analysis

      Kiyoto Matsumoto, IWAKI CO., LTD.

    • The Role of JMAG on Powertrain Development

      Albert Li, Gogoro Inc.

    • 6 kW Axial Flux Motor Based on Soft Magnetic Composites for Hand Held Power Tools

      Cristofaro Pompermaier, Husqvarna Group

    • Application Studies of the JMAG Optimization Function in the Design of Wristwatch Motors

      Reiko Kimura, Seiko Instruments Inc.

    • The Development of Magnetic Property Evaluation Techniques in Accordance with Solenoid Coil Methodology Using JMAG

      Masahiro Iwata, DENSHIJIKI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.

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